So my name is Siegfried Meyke, but on the internet I prefer being called Dead Metal (or any shorting of that name really), I’m currently in my 20s and am studding to become a translator, and in my free time I work on a webcomic. In fact this blog exists mostly to serve as, yea well a blog for my webcomic. If you wish to learn more about me please visit the about page on my webcomic.

So as I stated before this is the official blog to the webcomic REAPER.

REAPER is a superhero webcomic and tells the story of a man without memory, but with superpowers, and his task of finding out about his past.

The blog will mostly serve as a means of posting more in-depth news about the comic, however I’m planning on using it as a personal blog as well and in the long run you’ll also see a few behind the scenes material concerning my comic.

So I would like to thank you for checking me and my stuff out. If you like you can also take a look at my DeviantArt profile for art unrelated to REAPER.


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