Preview of #03 Page 03

Yea take a look at one of the panels from page 03. This also shows how I work on the pages, blue pencil lines, indian ink lines and brush, and black marker for large black areas.

Maybe I’ll do a bit of a special voting feature over at TopWebComics with the pages looking like this sometime in the future.

Stare too long into an abiss....

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Cover for Issue #03

So, yea it took that long to post something new in this blog .

Sorry for that, now my two week long hiatus on the comic is nearing it’s end and Monday sees the first update for Issue #03. which is also the final part of Birth.  And you know you can see the cover right now, right here as a “Clean” version, which means no test or stuff like that.  Hope you like it! Click it for full size!

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Cover for Issue #02!

Who is the REAPER?

Look, it’s the inks for the cover of REAPER Issue # 02!

As you might guess from the image, this issue is going to reveal Jerry’s face, and a few other things about him.

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So yea…

I can’t really include the blog into my site the way I wanted to, so I’ll keep this thing separate.

Currently I’m thinking about what to do with it really, I’m leaning to using this as a personal blog, with a few previews of the comic, maybe a text story or so and maybe some insane rambling and maybe I’ll do all of that 😛

I’m working on some content right now, just playing about with the functions to get used to all of this.

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What’s all this then?

OK, this is going to be a blog about my webcomic REAPER. I’m currently trying to figure out how I can integrate the blog into my site and if I can’t I’ll just leave it as is and keep it separate.

But it’s going to take just a little bit till I have any real content on here, so check back later!

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